About Us

A while back, I realised what many have been doing since school days, that pairing-up with someone, is a productivity multiplier. Working along-side another person motivated me to work harder, with more focus & actually enjoy the experience. Upon realising so much later in life, I decided to try and integrate it more into my everyday life.

Aim-High is an extension of this idea:

For like-minded people to team-up for a 3 week sprint & work on their individual goals side-by-side.

Connect & learn from each-other along the way, whether it is time-management tips or what to have for lunch.

Be there for each-other. Sometimes, all we want to do is just say hello & have a brief talk.

achieving our goals together

If you are feeling brave enough to share a part of you with a stranger & embark on a short journey together as you both go about making the most of this life, this moment you have, then try this app.