To-do lists are so passive...

Use a pro-active system, borrowed from most productive people, to get tasks done!

Based on tried & proven techniques

A goal-achievement system focused on getting tasks done!

Execute With Clarity

Procrastination is due to non-clarity of goals. encourages you to break goals down, then break them down further, till you are clear on the what, why, when & how.

Value Time

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion. No more! Estimate a duration for each task. AimHigh will track & remind you as you work on it.

Visualise Success

Visualise. Materialise. All the successful people do it in one form or another. You should too, visualise your goal tree, your growth, your progress!

Be Intrinsically Accountable

Internal accountability is the compass guiding integrity even when no one is watching. Hold yourself accountable through objective measures. Learn from yesterday and make better choices today.

Be Extrinsically Accountable

Alone we strive, together we thrive. Struggling with holding yourself accountable? Team-up! Share the progress & the journey.

Get To Know Thyself

The greatest journey is the one within. With analytics, learn about yourself, your habits, your patterns, your journey. Build your story.